Winter and IceS

Just went out for some wings and a birthday beer and caught up with a friend. When I leave I notice a dusting of snow on my car. I go to use my wiper to brush it off and it turns out it is covering some ice. Ok this could be an interesting ride home. On my way home I know of an industrial road I used to play on. I decide it would be a good idea to test my brakes and recalibrate my brain for snow tires and icy roads. It is definitely a little slippery. I head on home and get stuck behind a jeep Cherokee. He has out of state plates and is doing 20-25 under the limit in a 40 zone. I am all for driving carefully in scary conditions but I was starting to get frustrated that this felt excessively slow. Like really 15 - 20 mph? Right as I am thinking 'please pick up the pace buddy' his car cocks one way and then slides off the other side of the road. Luckily we are in farm country and it is very flat the there is not much to hit. I attempt to slow as quickly as safely possible and start to slide. My tires find something to grip and bring me to a safe stop on the road. Hazards on. I check in with the other driver and make sure he is ok and wait make sure he is able to get back on the road safely.

Anyways the moral is to be patient with other drivers especially in poor weather conditions and be safe.