Which Automaker has the worst SEO?S

I typed in "ATS 2.0T" into Google, expecting Cadillac's website to be the first thing to come up. It wasn't even close. This inspired a game!

Cadillac's own website wasn't even in the first 5 pages. A post from Oppo showed up on Google, along with a number of obscure forums, but nothing from Cadillac's official site. I had to just straight up type "Cadillac ATS 2.0T" and the Cadillac website still showed up 3rd. By comparison, BMW, who has always had pretty good SEO, I just need to type "335i".

It isn't so much that "ATS 2.0T" is a common search for other things. It's not. Every link that did come up was about the ATS 2.0T, but if I wanted to go to their website and check out their build and pricing, I couldn't find it. Usually automakers ensure that searches even remotely close to their cars show up right away.

So how about we play a game. Who can find the automaker with the worst SEO? I'll define that as the one that:

A: Needs the most specific and highest number of words in the search in order to reach top result.

B: When searched for with simple words, is missing or buried deepest in the results.

C: Gives the most negative (as in, criticism about the car), irrelevant (other non-car related sites), and/or offensive (XXX) websites in the search bar as well.

For now, have an ATS wallpaper, and good luck!