Whats the rarest car you've ever owned?S

I saw CRZRSN posted this morning about his Mustang being one of 2,013 painted GHG, and then Boxer_4 brought up his dads Passat was one of 34, and it reminded me of one of my (sadly) long gone cars which was 1 of 23.

I acquired my 1992 Mitsubishi 3000 GT VR-4 by chance. I had recently visited my cousin in Ohio who had just purchased a C5 Z06 (new at that time) and took me for a ride in it. It was the first, truly fast car I rode in. While I was gone, a friend got his long broken 1993 VR-4 running, and promptly took me for a ride in it upon my return home. I fell in love. It sat like the vette, and was fast (not as fast as the vette), and could be had for way less money.

I worked my ass off putting in 60+ hours a week at a golf course all summer to save for this car. By the end of summer I had saved a little over $7,000. My friend then agreed to sell me his car for $7,000. Great! I thought. But come time to sign the paperwork over, his father said no (title was in his dads name).

Furiously desiring for such a car, I took to the internet, and as luck might have it, I found a 1992 3000 GT VR-4 in sandstone grey metallic for $6,500 about an hour from my house, and I promptly purchased it, not knowing exactly what I had just stumbled upon. [below: few days after I brought her home pictured with my other two rides of the time]

Whats the rarest car you've ever owned?S

The car was fully loaded with every option available in 1992. including the coveted glass roof. As I got to learning more and more about these cars, I came across a some information pertaining to build specs. My car, a 1992 3000 GT, painted in Sandstone Grey Metallic, in VR-4 trim, with the glass roof option, was one of 23 to be built globally in that same configuration. Only 12 in that exact configuration were shipped and sold in the US.

Sadly, my time with her was short lived, as she had a penchant for blowing motors and spending all the money I didn't have. In the end I parted her out and junked the rest.

For these crimes I will pay dearly one day, I know.

Whats the rarest car you've ever owned?S

What is the rarest vehicle you've owned?