What's the Most Interesting Thing You Learnt on the Road?S

We learn new things every day! It's always exciting to collect new knowledge by exploring and learning new or interesting facts and information about anything in general everywhere we go. Some of them can be very handy in life. However, rarely do they take place on the road.

Of course, not every new or interesting fact or information we learn on the road will be about cars, but always let curiosity get the best of you!

What's the Most Interesting Thing You Learnt on the Road?

I grew up in the front of the telly watching daytime Bugs Bunny animated shorts when I was a toddler. For many years afterwards, I denied the existence of an animal Taz character is based on (tasmanian devil) because I've never seen one in real life. My family explained that they only exist on and around Tasmania Islands and they're rarely seen in the wild but not extinct, but I continued to deny it stubbornly. They eventually gave up and dragged me on a trip to the said island. To my surprise, there's a tasmanian devil road sign like the one pictured every few kilometres. "Now son, why would they waste time and money putting up road signs with a graphic of a nonexistent animal on them?" me dad chided. That's how my stubborn 8 years old self learnt they exist, hah.

What new or interesting fact or information did the road teach you?