What Modern Car Should Be Available as a Plug-in EV?S

A lot of automakers are slowly joining the green bandwagon by building electric vehicles of their own. However, a lot of them didn't turn out too well, like the Leaf, Prius, and Volt. How can we encourage automakers to make their future EVs exciting?

The answer is simply this: add an electrified version of their current petrol and diesel cars to the lineup. Therefore it'll give people more options to choose from, thus boosting the market and exempting people from the continuing inevitable petrol price hikes. Yes, this includes electric sports cars and supercars; some people are willing to sacrifice performance to save money.

What Modern Car Should Be Available as a Plug-in EV?

Ford needs to add an electrified version of Ford Ranger to its lineup. Ford Ranger has been making the headlines for its Toyota Corolla defeat, and for being the best selling ute (pickup truck) for several months in a row, at least in New Zealand. It's likely Ford Ranger EV won't be used for heavy duty tasks, but we never know as battery technology continues to progress and discover innovation. Ford Ranger EV would be very popular among the environmentalists who like big utes.

What car should be electrified and added to the current lineup?