Los tigres del norte- La sorpresa
I translated it in english
Hear and read!

Hey brother take me to this address
but take me vey quick
passion is consuming me
for loving that girl

so many months
i went away from her side
but night after night i dreamt in her arms
put the pedal to the metal
friend taxi cab driver
i will give her a surprise
you should see, what a pretty girl

(Taxi cab driver)
Friend dont force me to go fast
my cab has no tire tread
My cab is very old
And by the way
there is a dense fog.

Let me talk you a little
of the woman i love
its a little doll
with curly hair

(Taxi driver)
I have girlfriend too
and im in love
I won her to a dude
that went to the other side(mexico->US)

(Talking verse)
(taxi driver)-And tell me friend
too long you've been out there?
(passenger)-yes my friend, a lot of time
you should se how much i love her
but i made a mistake

Friend i confess i never
sent her a letter
i busted my ass in working
but i have come back

I have saved money
to be able to buy her
that white dress
and with her marry
put the pedal to the metal
fellow taxi driver
i will give her a surprise
you should see, what a pretty girl

(Taxi driver)
Friend i want to talk to you
about the woman i love
a time went by
when she was crying
but i went winning her.

Stop here mate
charge the fare
(taxi driver)
what is wrong with you
here lives my girl
I suspected earlier
I know i have lost her
Turn around
(taxi driver)
Thank you mate
I leave her in your arms
and take care of her
(taxi driver)
When my son is born
I will name him your name.