I was on the Bugatti website yesterday and I saw something that made me laugh.

They Can't All Be Special

It seems like there's another Special Edition Bugatti Veyron released every time I turn around, so I decided to do some research to see how many Special Editions they have released.

For the 'normal' Veyron, here are the Editions released:

Pur Sang, Pegaso, Fbg Par Hermès, Sang Noir, Bleu Centenaire, L'Edition Centenaire, Sang d'Argent, and Nocturne.

Grand Sport Special Editions:

Sang Blue, Soleil de Nuit, Grey Carbon, Royal Dark Blue, Sang Blanc, Bijan Pakzad Edition, Matte White, L'Or Blanc, Red Edition, Middle East Editions, Wei Long, and Bernard Venet.

Super Sport World Record Edition, which already sounds like a Special Edition even has it's own variants:

Sang Noir, Black Carbon, Edition Merveilleux, Le Saphir Bleu and Pur Blanc.

Grand Sport Vitesse Special Editions

Special Edition Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport Vitesse(really guys? This is getting out of hand), Grand Sport Vitesse World Record Car Edition, Bugatti Legend "Jean-Pierre Wimille", Jean Bugatti Vitesse Legend Edition, Lang Lang's Veyron Vitesse, and Vitesse Legend "Meo Costantini".

I'm not even going to attempt and total this since there were a few "Special Editions" that had a run of several units. For a car that is already out of reach for most, they managed to dilute their own brand within itself. I look forward to an actual Veyron successor and not just another paint scheme.