The Quest for Racing Sponsorship Money for RacingS

Hello to you all and greetings I am Waymoe and I need sponsorship so I can race drive. I have been race driving for nearly 2 weeks now and I am feeling ready to start my career as a Forumla 1 DRIVER. I recently bought a new used car and it is a racing drivers dream car. It has a nonautomatic transmission, it is real wheel drive and it has good fit and finish and the driving dynamics are some of the most car like I have EVER driven dynamically.

You should sponsor me because like Wesley Snipes said, "I need money." Here is why you should sponsor me:

  • I went to TRACK day.
  • I DID NOT LIFT at track day.
  • I recognize the word APEX!

I have only gone 1 time but my instructor said I had natural talent and that he can help me get better if I keep paying to go to his classes. I would take his advice but I am just going to race now because I know everything from the track day, if it was only a track hour I would go back but it is a whole day and some places it never gets dark all day so there is that too. My favorite part of the track day was seeing how BAD EVERYONE ELSES CARS are because I bought my first racing car 2 weeks ago and everyone else has old neons and BEATER CARS they should have brought a lambo if they want to be beating me on the race track haha to them!!11! I look good in this car, EVERYONE knows it. After reading how GOOD this was written you will NO DOUBT tell me that I deserve the money. So just give me money. I showed some effort. Give me. the MONEY.