Volkswagen Has A New Ad Campaign, And It Involves Old Women

It's no secret that Volkswagen has been struggling to move cars here recently. So far they have resulted to redoing their entire website, sponsoring every sporting event possible, and now they're employing women of the elderly in hopes that shouting in their northern east coast accents will have people running to… » 3/03/15 7:05pm 3/03/15 7:05pm

Two Big Rigs Playing Chicken

The average 18-wheeler is 53 feet long. Let's say it is fully-loaded. Going 60 MPH. Looks about right in this video for the truck coming down the hill towards the camera. It would take him an average 335 feet to stop. That's a little over one football field long. It can take more distance than that, especially in… » 2/26/15 3:24pm 2/26/15 3:24pm

Here's a Mini Kenworth Truck: In Other News, Rednecks Come in All Sizes.

Apparently there's a community dedicated to building replica 18-wheeler trucks in a miniature form; I guess I shouldn't be surprised by now. This is an old video I saw some time ago, but it always reminds me of how creative people can be, both in the automotive/truck world, and through engineering. I've found plenty… » 1/13/15 10:11am 1/13/15 10:11am

Rejoyce! I bring you a new great youtube channel to follow!

A young Italian by the name of Davide Circoni has a great channel, where he tests many interesting European cars. And I mean genuinely interesting, stuff you can rarely see on these automotive channels. It's filmed nicely, the locations are lovely and the music can be good as well. And he's clearly passionate about… » 12/20/14 4:03pm 12/20/14 4:03pm

Auto Detailers, How Would You Clean a Car Filled with Cement?

Came across this old video of a [Russian] angry guy taking revenge on someone blocking him in. From the looks of it, it seemed like he was just going to smash his windows and headlights and be done. Then, he reached into the car and put the car into neutral. I assumed at this point he was just going to roll it down a… » 12/01/14 12:01pm 12/01/14 12:01pm