Thierry Neuville Wins Rallye Deutschland

Following the crashes of championship leader Sebastien Ogier, Jari-Matti Latvala and Citroëns Kris Meeke, Thierry Neuville secured both his and Hyundai's first WRC win. Things didn't look very good after the massive roll in shakedown, but Neuville did like Petter Solberg did in Corsica back in 2003, taking the win.… » 8/24/14 7:43am 8/24/14 7:43am

WRC Oppo fans, please help me remember a particular stage!

I'm talking old rally days with a friend and I'm suddenly blanking on this one particular track. I think it was on an island or such, but I may be way off. All I remember for sure was that there was one VERY narrow section with two quick 90 degree turns, a left and a right, with cobblestone walls lining each side. » 8/11/14 8:37pm 8/11/14 8:37pm

Finally, You Can Watch the WRC Live Anywhere! (Legally!)

Since the very beginning the World Rally Championship (and, honestly, rally as a whole) has been a sport isolated from it's fans. While forms of motorsport like NASCAR and Formula 1 takes place in arenas built near major population centers, with comfy elevated seats that allow for good visibility and relaxed viewing… » 7/31/14 12:52pm 7/31/14 12:52pm

The Helsinki Battle: War, Finnish Style

Finland is a nation with a very proud and very extensive motorsports culture, and this year they decided to remind the world but putting up a challenge. Tomorrow (July 26), as part of the run-up to the 2014 running of the Neste Oil Rally Finland, four of the nation's greatest rally legends will take on six of the… » 7/25/14 4:47pm 7/25/14 4:47pm

VW Polo WRC vs. Deer [Graphic image warning]

During a test session for the Rally Deutschland, VWs third works driver Andreas Mikkelsen was surprised by a deer on one of the fast, narrow tarmac roads. He had no chance to avoid a collision, and while his Polo WRC took a bit of damage, the deer won't be jumping into other cars any more any time soon. [Don't click … » 7/09/14 4:55am 7/09/14 4:55am