A step-by-step guide to moving your lowered Beetle with a trailer.

Step 1: Beg your uncle to help you move your car from your place of work to your house so you don't get fired.

Step 2: Have him bring his car dolly, and get it up on the dolly with relative ease.

Step 3: Have the fenders be too low to ratchet the wheels straps down properly.

Step 4: Unload the damn thing all over again,… » 8/17/14 3:09pm Sunday 3:09pm

The Bad Dealer: My Passat Buying Experience

It should have been so simple. We used True Car to get a good deal. We came in knowing what our trade in was worth. We knew what we wanted. They even gave us the name of the dealer we were going to meet. How could it go so wrong? Let me tell you about the hell I just went through at the local VW dealership. » 8/13/14 6:34pm 8/13/14 6:34pm

Found on Montana Craigslist: Headed Out Westfalia Edition

VW Vanagon Westfalia 1980 - $2900 (Billings)

Air cooled engine replaced 60k miles ago, manual transmission replaced 250 miles ago. 199k miles. Just tuned up, new hoses & gaskets, new starter, engine compartment seal. RUNS. Interior stripped & repainted, new curtains, new seat covers, & new pop-up tent canvas and seal… » 8/01/14 6:38pm 8/01/14 6:38pm

The Audi R8 is Going Diesel!

With Audi being owned by VW and VW owning so much great diesel technology, why not push a little of it into an R8? Well, the folks over at Audi have decided it is time for that to happen. The 2016 model year will feature a diesel variant of the R8. No one is certain yet what engine will be used, but it is currently… » 7/29/14 10:01am 7/29/14 10:01am

Wolfsgart WinPotato photo dump...

So, I'm not a stance-bro, and unlike my dad I'm not a Volkswagon lover, but my buddy TJ (a Porsche mechanic and air-cooled nut) dragged me to Wolfsgart... I mean it's within walking distance of my house in Essex Junction, VT, so What the hell! There was some fun stuff there, some horrible stuff, and a couple genuinely… » 7/27/14 3:49pm 7/27/14 3:49pm