A Westy Named Tux: One Man, A Guitar, And His Volkswagen

Sometimes you just gotta go your own way. At a time when most music journalists would rather write about what Lourde said about Diplo's penis and the rest of the internet is sagging under the weight of a giant oiled-up ass, New Orleans musician Dustan Louque is eschewing all that bullshit. He's carving out a new… » 11/28/14 9:27am Yesterday 9:27am

Work paralysis is real.

I've worked 18 hours in the past 2 days shuttling around and cleaning cars, this is not an easy job, but hey, you get to "drive" 50 cars a day, and it's not every day that you get to drive or clean the German ambassador to Canada's 2008 Beetle Cabrio. I'm lasting a lot longer than other people who tried so far,… » 11/11/14 10:09pm 11/11/14 10:09pm

You Won't Believe What I Stumbled Upon Sunday

Last Sunday was an absolutely gorgeous fall day here in Herndon, VA, so I decided to take a walk. I found myself on the campus of Volkswagen of America's HQ. It's pretty much right next door to my new apartment, so I figured I'd check it out. Inside one of the parking decks, parked next to a new E-Golf in a handicap… » 11/10/14 4:53pm 11/10/14 4:53pm