2014 Pirtek Enduro Cup Co-Drivers: Nissan Motorsport

Like many things in Nissan's 2013 V8 Supercars campaign, the Pirtek Endurance Cup didn't go as they might have hoped. The lone positive highlight in the three round stretch was Rick Kelly and Karl Reindler's sixth place in the second leg of the Gold Coast 600, while one of many lowlights included David Russell having… » 9/05/14 7:24pm 9/05/14 7:24pm

What Racing Series Would You Watch If It Was Broadcast At A Reasonable…

One of the things keeping me from getting into World Rally Championship is the lack of coverage compared to NASCAR or even Formula 1. I do understand that it's more difficult to film, but for a series which has arguably more insane drivers and is 3rd on the level of technical advancement (Behind F1 and WEC), I think… » 11/27/13 3:31pm 11/27/13 3:31pm