The Heart Of Rock 'n' Roads

So I'm sitting on the crapper at work and hear the faint, yet distinct saxophone solo in "The Heart Of Rock 'n' Roll" on the overhead speaker. I immediately start wondering what a road trip to all the places mentioned in the song would be like. » 3/06/15 11:33am 3/06/15 11:33am

Show Us Your Favorite Original Soundtrack

I've really been taken by Hans Zimmer's Interstellar soundtrack and am seriously considering buying it. Have you been drawn by any theatrical music as of late? » 2/08/15 7:43pm 2/08/15 7:43pm

Stephie Coplan & The Pedestrians -- No Assholes on Christmas

Traffic sucks, so why not start your morning off with some music? You provide the toast and we'll provide the jams. » 12/23/14 10:12am 12/23/14 10:12am

Fuck it, it's Monday, but it's the only day I'm working this week, so it's basically Friday at the same time. Enjoy this little known song by this guy named Dave something or another to get your morning going. » 12/22/14 7:08am 12/22/14 7:08am

The Doors - "The End"

This is the last day of my job. It's been a good experience and I like working with the people that I do, but it's on to bigger and brighter futures. I will begin a trial period for the new position on Monday. This new position will most likely mean that I won't be on here much during the weekdays, so if I comment on… » 11/26/14 8:05am 11/26/14 8:05am

Lamb of God - "Blood of The Scribe"

Apparently it snowed or something because the ground has all of this white shit on it. Anyways, enjoy this relaxing music to calm you down as you drive. » 11/17/14 8:07am 11/17/14 8:07am