86 Cressida Wagon Build Update: Found Me A Unicorn

So for those of you that may not know, I've been trying to get my hands on a Mk1 Celica-Supra (78-81) rear axle for a while now. I finally found one in PA and picked it up yesterday while I was in the area. It's super gross looking, but it's there. One of the brake dust shields is pretty rotten, so that may end up… » 7/25/14 3:17pm 7/25/14 3:17pm

Goo-Net: Toyota Mark II GSYes!

One of my favorite Japanese nostalgic (it's a Japanese car, they aren't classics, they're nostalgics) cars is the the second-generation Toyota Mark II. The Mark II is the sportier, more stylish, more luxurious sister car to the Corona. Out of all the second-generation Mark IIs, the most desirable is easily the GSS,… » 7/13/14 3:03pm 7/13/14 3:03pm

MR2 SC Rebuild Chronicles: Second Star to the Right....

Put like 56 miles on the car tonight. I went to the car wash and to fill up with some fresh 93 octane Shell. The motor drives perfectly. Idle is a tad rougher than I remember, but I wonder if that's just from a combination of higher compression, lighter flywheel, now-solid side mounts, and just being generally new. » 6/17/14 10:55pm 6/17/14 10:55pm