Surprise royal visit to the sumo stadium with some Toyota Century 

So I watch F1 and I watch sumo. I have been going to Japan for work for years and I just love sumo, and there is a basho (tournament) on now for two weeks. Well after a four year absence the royals showed up today in their fleet of Toyotas. Check out the bodyguard leading them in. I wonder what that guy can do to you.… » 1/18/15 7:32pm 1/18/15 7:32pm

Toyota is seriously getting ready for WRC

There have been quite a few rumours regarding Toyota and a return to WRC. They didn't help making them stop by building a Yaris "test car" that was suspiciously well engineered, up-to-date and fast. We now can be 99% sure that they will enter WRC full time in 2017 and maybe do a few test rounds in 2016 because Kevin… » 12/28/14 2:20pm 12/28/14 2:20pm

Looking at an Xperia Z3/Toyota Automobile Museum

So, I'm looking to replace suppliment my year-and-a-half old Nokia Lumia 925 with a Sony Xperia Z3 for reasons. I'm a bit hung up on the color, though. The Silver Green (exclusive for unlocked, Japan-only models, and a few other variants) tickles my fancy, but it isn't the most masculine color; I don't mind that too… » 12/10/14 10:13am 12/10/14 10:13am