Goo-Net: Toyota Mark II GSYes!

One of my favorite Japanese nostalgic (it's a Japanese car, they aren't classics, they're nostalgics) cars is the the second-generation Toyota Mark II. The Mark II is the sportier, more stylish, more luxurious sister car to the Corona. Out of all the second-generation Mark IIs, the most desirable is easily the GSS,… » 7/13/14 3:03pm 7/13/14 3:03pm

MR2 SC Rebuild Chronicles: Second Star to the Right....

Put like 56 miles on the car tonight. I went to the car wash and to fill up with some fresh 93 octane Shell. The motor drives perfectly. Idle is a tad rougher than I remember, but I wonder if that's just from a combination of higher compression, lighter flywheel, now-solid side mounts, and just being generally new. » 6/17/14 10:55pm 6/17/14 10:55pm

What can you tell me about the 5th Gen 4Runner

My wife is wanting a third row vehicle and there is no way in hell I'm buying a minivan. The Pilots are too boring and I'm currently dealing with Euro drama on my 335d so I'm leaning away from Volvo. How are the new 4Runners reliability and toughness wise compared to the old ones? Anything to watch out for on a… » 6/15/14 8:31pm 6/15/14 8:31pm