Jeremy Clarkson and Top Gear Live On Inside Just Cause 2 (FP Repost)

Didn't see this come across Oppo, but it's worth sharing. I don't play the game (never heard of it, in fact), but this is one of the better mashups I've seen. I think it runs out better than the "Final Top Gear Episode" that floated around last week. It's just brilliant, really. » 3/31/15 11:08am 3/31/15 11:08am

Portland to Seattle Top Gear style race

So in honor of the imminently doomed Top Gear I got the brilliant(and completely pointless) idea of doing a Top Gear style race from Portland, Oregon to Seattle, Washington. This is a pretty popular trip for people in the Portland area who go up to Seattle to catch a Seahawks/Mariners/Timbers vs Sounders game or just… » 3/26/15 6:10pm 3/26/15 6:10pm