MI HB 5726. A Bill (mostly) Banning After Market Exhaust Systems.

EDIT: Not as bad as originally thought. It seems like this just bans the modification of a stock exhaust unit to alter sound. $100 fine for driving a car with a modified unit, up to $10,000 for modifying the exhaust or being a dealer that sell one with a modified exhaust.Link to bill here. Not really sure about how… » 9/01/14 10:20pm Yesterday 10:20pm

Found on Montana Craigslist: Center of Attention Edition

1956 Plymouth Plaza 4-Door Sedan survivor, 35K, nearly mint original - $9500 (Billings)

1956 Plymouth Plaza 4-Door sedan survivor. 1-family owned since new. Always garaged and never before offered for sale. 35,000 original miles. Flathead 6 with the push button automatic. Two toned grey. Seat covers on since sold… » 8/27/14 3:32pm Wednesday 3:32pm

Its Own Set of Rules: The Morgan 3 Wheeler Experience [VIDEO]

It's safe to say that the Morgan 3 Wheeler has had one of the largest lust-to-power ratios of any vehicle on the road in the last few years. It's also a vehicle I've sought to film since I first saw this very car near my town two years ago. And when I finally got the opportunity to experience the magic of this car and… » 8/25/14 8:57am 8/25/14 8:57am

Backcountry Pilot Shares Breathtaking Collection Of Video

This assembly of amazing flying experiences over the past two years in Wyoming, Utah, Idaho, and Montana is sure to inspire every viewer to soar like an eagle. Shot exclusively with a Drift action camera and paired with a magical soundtrack, this production will take you to a new world thats right in your back yard. » 8/15/14 12:15pm 8/15/14 12:15pm

Can You Really Daily Drive A Classic Car?

When I was fifteen, I began restoring my 1966 Ford Mustang which I drove daily from age sixteen to seventeen - in all of its dual exhaust, low-geared, four barrel carburetor, nine mile per gallon glory (I still have that car). At age twenty-two, I bought a 1979 MGB which was the most moody little thing I have ever… » 8/14/14 9:41am 8/14/14 9:41am