Barn Find Messerschmitt Starts After Being Stored For 45 Years

In an ironic testament to British engineering, this beautifully preserved German warbird comes to life for the first time in over 40 years. This is one of five barn find Spanish ME-109's featured in the movie Battle of Britain that were fitted with surplus Rolls Royce Merlin engines purchased from the U.K. » 11/15/14 1:03pm 11/15/14 1:03pm

Disturbing Air Traffic Communication Audio From Mid Air Collision

Listen in on the chilling exchange between pilot and control tower during today's mid air collision between a Cirrus SR22 and an R44 helicopter. There might be some good information gleamed from this archived broadcast of events, but its certainly not for the faint of heart. » 10/24/14 9:31am 10/24/14 9:31am