Experience the P85D With Elon Commentary and Other Perspectives

Want to know what the perspective of being launched in a vehicle with an INSTANTANEOUS 687 LB-FT of torque and then letting the car drive is like? View these different perspectives of rides in the new Tesla from front and rear seating, in addition to witnessing Elon Musk himself take a spin in the AWD dual-motor… » 10/10/14 3:22pm 10/10/14 3:22pm

The P85D: Tesla's All Wheel Drive Model S

Well...everyone was right. Tesla has announced the P85D, the Model S with power to all four wheels. By the end of 2015, Tesla announced that its cars will become semi-autonomous and then in the future, full autonomous. Last week, there were some spy shots of a Model S with a "D" badge on it. Musk announced he wanted… » 10/10/14 10:44am 10/10/14 10:44am