My Car is not Perfect but I'm Okay With That

We all push for the best, the fastest, the most efficient, the most luxurious-whether it's a car, a house, or even a cell phone. Let's face it, what we currently own will never be good enough. There will always be something that can be upgraded. You can put an SSD in your laptop, a turbo in your car, or renovate your… » 3/03/15 1:28pm Yesterday 1:28pm

How Car Manufacturers Cheat the CAFE Standards!

The Corporate Average Fuel Economy or CAFE is a set of regulations set by the US Congress dictating the average fuel economy for car manufactures across their model line. In theory, this is supposed to drive manufacturers to develop cars with better fuel economy but in practice it drives a lot of them to develop… » 2/27/15 12:01pm Friday 12:01pm

Anybody Want To Know Anything?

My mom has this 2014 Impreza for a week while the CTS is in the shop. It is AWD, with the 2.0 Boxer (thanks, m-b-w) mated to a CVT (thanks again, everyone). Does anybody want to know anything about it? I think it is quite terrible in a lot of ways, but I know a lot of you guys like these things. So, if you have a… » 2/24/15 7:40pm 2/24/15 7:40pm

Subaru Legacy GT Project Progress - Transmission Get!

It took two trips, a friend, my sister (one of them came on each trip), a few thousand curse words, a pry bar and multiple sockets, hammers, screwdrivers, ratchets, wrenches, and sidecutters, a couple straps, a couple jacks, one of the junkyard's engine hoists, and being soaked in 33 degree water, but I got it! » 1/22/15 9:41pm 1/22/15 9:41pm

2001 Legacy GT Progress

Went to Pic-a-Part today, there was a 2000 L sedan and a 2001 Outback. I got some of the stuff I need. Got a headlight, inner fender, hood support (but I forgot the fastener thingy), 2 Outback fog light grills, a factory amp to sell, and some misc. trim pieces, upgrade parts, and fasteners. » 1/16/15 7:29pm 1/16/15 7:29pm

Cars & Coffee Dallas // January 3rd 2015

I really thought this would be it... This would be the first canceled (or should I type postponed) cars and coffee event in the 10 months I have gone. Rain was coming down all week, it was cold, roads were wet... and earlier that week the State of Texas started using road salt for the first time in... well... ever.… » 1/10/15 9:56am 1/10/15 9:56am