Not looking forward to wednesday night travel

Not only will this snow start getting heavy just about the same time I will get out of work, everybody else will be on the damn road too. I have to drive from the 1-3" area up into the 6-9" area along with a gajillion other maniacs. I'll be one of the few with snow tires on. Also, people always drive so much worse in… » 11/25/14 12:33pm 11/25/14 12:33pm

Winter hooning tips?

This weekend, I finally got around to sorting out the winter tires on the 850R (after putting them on backwards last weekend). I haven't had the chance to drive it much yet, but the way that it conducted itself on my neighbourhood's unploughed and steepish (by MN standards) streets leads me to believe that I might… » 11/16/14 7:30pm 11/16/14 7:30pm