Show Us Your Favorite Potential Sitcom Duo

James Roday & Dule Hill, Donald Glover & Danny Pudi , Bert & Ernie, and of course Zach Braff & Donald Faison; these are just some of the amazing best-friend duos that turn a good television show into a great one. What two actors would you love to see come together to make a great work of television? » 3/24/14 8:42pm 3/24/14 8:42pm

Show Us Your Favorite Concept Car

Concept cars are usually bait for enthusiast to drool over, but sometimes they come alive in a few short months. Perhaps you've been lucky to have your favorite concept-car-turned-daily-driver parked in your driveway, but more than likely the manufacturer had to change some bits to keep it normal enough for everyone to … » 2/27/14 9:34pm 2/27/14 9:34pm

Show Us The Best Production Engine You've Ever Heard In Real Life

Whether it was on a track, though a mountain pass, or while drinking coffee and looking at cars, loosing your Earginity (yup, I went there) is a big moment in an automotive enthusiast's life. The strange thing about Earginity is that you can loose it more than once, and to an even greater degree! » 2/23/14 10:51pm 2/23/14 10:51pm

Show Us The Best Ferrari Concept

Perhaps it's a personal opinion, but Ferrari never seem to release a beautiful car when the time comes, save for the 458. Their designs (see LaFerrari) are too aerodynamically complicated; I'm not advising against aerodynamically styled bodywork (P1 is absolutely gorgeous), but there needs to be some restraint. » 2/20/14 5:37pm 2/20/14 5:37pm