Does a Russian Grand Prix make Sense?

With the current Crimean crisis, you know Russia being Russia and invading countries and stuff, many have wondered if this year's inaugural Russian Grand Prix will actually happen. As of right now it is still on the calendar, although it still has a provisional mark associated with it. Leading many to wonder if it's a… » 5/05/14 7:34pm 5/05/14 7:34pm

Polish McLaren F1 Replica Isn't Horrible

Remember that Polish guy who was trying to build a McLaren F1 out of whatever parts he could find? Pictures of the unfinished car have been floating around online for a while, but now he's finally got it on the road, and to be honest, it's not too shabby. It's not perfect, of course, but it's definitely better than… » 12/18/13 9:27pm 12/18/13 9:27pm