1996 Volvo 850R Wagon: The OppositeLock Review

Nearly a year ago, I impulse-bought a rather forlorn Volvo 850 R station wagon. With undiagnosed engine-electrical issues, and fairly scruffy cosmetics, it was on the edge of being a basket case. I didn't even have much of an idea of what it was, but it was for sale locally, and I was looking for a cheap beater, so I… » 3/17/15 6:50pm 3/17/15 6:50pm

Hyundai HB20 1.6 - Review of my wife's car

(Full Disclosure: My wife wanted this car so bad she closed the deal before even driving it. This was back in July 2013. The car is now almost 2 years old, and we're just about to send it to the 20k service. I don't have a car because I sold mine to afford living. So it's our only car, but it's hers. We DD it to work… » 2/02/15 12:10pm 2/02/15 12:10pm

Weekly PHOTOGRAPHY review!! 

Hello LALDers' and thank you for taking a look at my look back at my favorite shots posted this week! I think this may be one of the best weeks so far as there is such a huge variety of shots from everyone! Everything from a classic British Bond-mobile to exaggerated drag Mustangs. This week has it all! Let's get… » 1/29/15 10:54pm 1/29/15 10:54pm