Chuck's girlfriend (and Oppo) needs more Raplipnik

J. Cole's new album 2014 Forest Hill Drive officially came out today, though it leaked a few days ago. I'm not usually a big J. Cole fan, but my girlfriend is so I end up listening to him more than I would on my own. I gotta say, this album is good. Maybe he best yet. Definitely his most mature. These are the 4th and… » 12/09/14 6:50pm 12/09/14 6:50pm

Do you like cars? Do you like free shit? Do you like music?

Well check this muhfugga out...
Tyler, the Creator and (yell this next part angrily) ODD FUTURE WOLF GANG KILL THEM ALL is going to raffle off a custom goddamn BMW e30 at their Camp Flognaw Carnival which is guaranteed to be FUCKING IGNANT and full of dope music and rides and music and a skatepark and shit (AND… » 11/06/14 6:45pm 11/06/14 6:45pm