My Band Saws are trying to kill me: Shop Tool Rant

I actually am a shop teacher. For the last several years I've taught wood working, sheet metal working, and CAD. I work at a pretty good district, one that adequately funds my program. As such, I have three band saws in my shop, including one brand new one. To make this vaguely car related, here's a picture of a cab… » 10/21/14 5:13pm 10/21/14 5:13pm

Sitting At An Automobile Themed Restaurant

Made me think: I'm having a usual burger (apparently named the Hummer for its voracious size. Not for the feint of heart!) with a side of "Corvette" french fries and a Pepsi on the side, when all of a sudden, I wonder - am I sitting in a dying art? Have we, as a collective society regressed so badly that we consider… » 10/11/14 7:09pm 10/11/14 7:09pm

A moment please about your dirty junk.

Wash your damn hands people! Time and again i see it. I frequently use public facilities where travellers constantly shun hand washing after utilizing their underpants junk. Are we in that much of a hurry? I see multiple doors and hand rails everyone are touching with their junk germed hands. How many others are… » 10/04/14 9:31pm 10/04/14 9:31pm

Me On The New Ace Combat Infinity Update

"Enjoy this final, half-assed cliffhanger mission!" God damn it, Namco. No, I'm done. Fuck Infinity, fuck Namco, but most importantly, fuck you, Kazutoki Kono. Thanks for taking the monies of the less-intelligent. I have yet to send you a single cent and looks like I was lucky. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to play… » 10/04/14 3:31am 10/04/14 3:31am