Maybe a little speed enforcement is ok sometimes?

Morning commute. 4 lane interstate, (HOV, plus 3 more lanes), speed limit 75. I'm in the right lane going 85 to keep with the flow. Of course people are passing on the left because that's what you do. I guarantee a couple of folks in the first lane are in triple digits. This doesn't happen when the road is empty… » 6/12/14 12:26pm 6/12/14 12:26pm

5 Reasons Why It Sucks To Be A Car Enthusiast

Let's get one thing clear before we start: Cars are my obsession. They aren't just a method of a-to-b transportation, or whatever the general population seems to think. I would rather be driving a low-slung sports coupe on a twisty mountain road than doing nearly anything else on Earth, save for doing that while… » 5/13/14 8:40am 5/13/14 8:40am

UPS "Smartpost" rant - what part of it is smart?

Have some Tommi Makinen doing his thing for your time. More of a minor annoyance than a rant. I've got two things coming from Amazon, one shipped via UPS and one shipped via UPS "Smartpost". They are both sitting in the same UPS distribution center at the moment. One will be delivered to me tomorrow. The other… » 5/07/14 1:12pm 5/07/14 1:12pm