Rally of the Tall Pines 2014 - Bancroft, Ontario - Sat Nov 29,2014

Some pictures I took me and my dad have started going every year as a father son thing, I just uploaded all the not crap pictures to flickr and for some reason there all backwards so if you want to look at them in chronological order start at the back and work to the front, a lot of them turned out better then I was… » 11/30/14 6:16pm 11/30/14 6:16pm

Getting chased by a helicopter on a rally stage is as awesome as you…

Despite the hype - Rally in the USA is a grassroots regional affair, which occasionally sees some TV time, sometimes gets local press, and when conditions line up just perfectly - gets heli footage! Guidance Aviation happens to train helicopter pilots on future gigs for news, film, and TV. They also happen to have a… » 11/24/14 5:10pm 11/24/14 5:10pm