Old rally cross was best rally cross. Was it? (RallyX-dump)

80's/90's mid decade rally cross is the best cross. Group B was dead unless it was in a gladiatorial arena with fences to keep spectators away from the fire dragons. The rare place anything with 600 to 800 dragonpower could get out and stretch. This also included whatever you could build on your own that can take it… » 10/21/14 1:18pm Tuesday 1:18pm

My first experience in the best motorsport in the world*. Now featuring…

Reposted for the day crowd. Since the Rally America Championship is coming to a close in a few weeks, (congrats David/Craig!) I thought I would take some time to share my first experience in rally (also, some of you guys wanted to hear it). Let's start from the beginning, or at least as close to the beginning as is… » 10/05/14 12:46pm 10/05/14 12:46pm

FIA does something useful, creates the R-GT Rally Cup

I've been ranting about the Jean Todt and his way to lead the FIA for quite some time. Weak is the best word to describe his efforts in F1, where he doesn't really make an impact and is unable to solve their financial problems. He also doesn't seem to have an answer to the constantly falling fan numbers. And yes,… » 9/30/14 9:50am 9/30/14 9:50am