A Night at the Races- Eagle Raceway Dirt Oval

Last night, my family and I headed down to the little town of Eagle, NE to watch some good old fashioned dirt track racing. If you choose your racing based on the pace and the paint-swapping, dirt racing is like hockey: constant action and a fair amount of violence. Almost every video I took involved some sort of… » 8/24/14 9:08pm Sunday 9:08pm

Two Guys Are Making the Coolest Racing Game I've Ever Seen

As a Nintendo-less kid of the '80s, I spent a lot of time playing Outrun on the Sega Master System. While my contemporaries hopped on koopas and rescued princesses, I jammed out to Magical Sound Shower and drove cross country in my cherry red Ferrari. I miss those days; and I'm not the only one. Two creative… » 8/01/14 9:16pm 8/01/14 9:16pm

Get yourself a free Race07/GTR Evolution key for steam

We're finishing our five-week, million-key giveaway bonanza with the fastest game of the bunch. Grab yourself a free Steam key and blast off into the sunset with a copy of GTR Evolution, the expansion to the lauded Race 07, which is also included in this week's free bundle. GTR Evo gives you a selection of 49 GT…

» 7/23/14 6:05pm 7/23/14 6:05pm

Race a Mustang GT for FREE? Of course!

It's a scenario we all know. Or hope to know. It's late Monday night and the phone rings, beeps, or a Facebook instant message pops up. Essentially, it goes like this:

Killing the night watching footage of some race or vintage festival late at night. Or of dogs swimming. Or how to realistically airbrush exhaust on your… » 7/15/14 4:21am 7/15/14 4:21am

IMSA at Kansas Speedway Set #1

A bit of controversy for race weekend as practice was closed on June 6th. An unexpected last second decision, I still don't understand, left many spectators wondering why and many racers believing Kansas hates road racing. NASCAR still pulls in larger crowds but almost all of the IMSA spectators I spoke with agreed… » 6/17/14 2:06pm 6/17/14 2:06pm