24 Hours Of LeMons: This Time We Went Fast, Briefly

If anyone here remembers the Brooklyn Bomb Squad's not-so-triumphant LeMons race at New Jersey Motorsports park in the spring, it's time to grab a hankie and wipe away those tears. For we have returned from the Halloween Hooptiefest in New Hampshire with glory and dignity! No, we didn't win (HAAAAA! HAA!! No.) Nor… » 11/18/14 8:50am Tuesday 8:50am

How to Spec Miata: The long road to the license

You can't go racing without a competition license and each sanctioning body has its own process for getting one. For NASA, the group I plan on racing with, that process involves participation in HPDE until the regional director allows you to do competition school. Comp school happens at a HPDE/Race weekend and… » 11/06/14 6:50pm 11/06/14 6:50pm

The Money Dance: Trying to Understand F1's money schemes

What a great race we had in Texas. The US GP became a thriller, as the mid pack battled for positions to the very end (I'm looking at you Crashtor). Now after all the joy and champagne has been drank, lets try and make an understanding of some of the more somber news that came from around the paddock. » 11/03/14 8:30pm 11/03/14 8:30pm

Best Day Ever? Porsche World Road Show Los Angeles

Though I'm sure some of my friends would disagree, I don't consider myself a braggart but rather someone who relishes the chance to share stories of amazing experiences. As I've fallen deeper into the black hole of automotive journalism, I've found myself relating more and more tales of intrigue that are often met… » 10/30/14 8:00pm 10/30/14 8:00pm