What's the most minimalistic gauge cluster on a car ever?

I think this would be a good QOTD candidate. I was just browsing the local classifieds and saw a mighty 1986 Toyota Tercel. When I got to the picture of the gauge cluster (every proper car for sale ad should have a picture of the cluster) I had a small chuckle at how stark and minimalist it was.... » 8/07/14 12:07pm 8/07/14 12:07pm

Which car has the loudest turbo whistle?

I was on a run today and saw a Fiat 500 Abarth go by and both the exhaust and turbo were making some great noises. I feel like my Saab 93 turbo noise is fairly loud, which I do kind of enjoy. In comparison, my girlfriend's '02 Passat barely makes any noise at all. My Dad's '04 MX-5 Mazdaspeed makes a bit of a whistle… » 6/26/14 5:00pm 6/26/14 5:00pm