The Gulf Livery That Never Existed

Earlier this week I was looking at pictures of Can-Am cars and this scale model caught my eye. I had never seen this livery before. Me being a fan of Can-Am/Interserie racing I thought I knew every Gulf liveried Can-Am car in existence. Turns out that I was right as this one as far as I can tell never actually existed. » 1/18/15 9:46am 1/18/15 9:46am

Former Porsche CEO Wiedeking earned 115 Million $ in 2007

One of the great things about court trials is that they give us, the poor public, rare access to facts surrounding companies, celebrities and top earners. Wendelin Wideking (What a name. I wouldn't be surprised if it was stage name) is currently on trial for alleged market manipulation surrounding Porsche's attempt of… » 1/16/15 5:11pm 1/16/15 5:11pm

Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn's Reddit IAmA Appears Staged and Fake

Yesterday, Carlos Ghosn, CEO of Nissan and Renault, took to Reddit to discuss some new information he would like to share with the internet community. He titled the IAmA as "I'm the CEO of Renault and Nissan and we're making autonomous driving vehicles happen by 2020. Ask me anything!" » 1/13/15 4:41pm 1/13/15 4:41pm