These New Suffolk Police Interceptors Can't Catch a Break

Suffolk County, L.I. recently acquired a fleet of Ford's new Taurus Police Interceptors, starting at about $32K before any modified lighting or graphics. Throughout the icy week, three different Interceptors were involved in alleged civilian-fault collisions with severe damage. » 2/22/15 5:31pm 2/22/15 5:31pm

Someone (me) made a huge mistake in his E46 330i sedan...

Okay before I get a plethora of comments criticizing me for being a "stupid 19 year old with a BMW" let me clarify a few things: » 1/24/15 2:10pm 1/24/15 2:10pm

Another SoCal Motorcycle Group Runs From Police

When reached for comment, the LAPD reported a few of the bikers were arrested but they were too busy dealing with Ferguson protests to pursue it any further at the moment. » 12/01/14 2:28pm 12/01/14 2:28pm

A Cop Tried To Kill My Dog Last Night

Out of the blue, a Ventura County Sheriff's deputy approached my dog, drew his gun and threatened to shoot him while we were camping last night. One of the scariest, most upsetting and unnecessary things that's happened to us, here's how it went down. » 10/26/14 6:01pm 10/26/14 6:01pm

police foot pursuit/standoff happening 50 ft from my window

So far we have at least six interceptors (suburban, 2 new explorers, 3 crown Vics) including 3 K-9 units. They apprehended one suspect, but the other fled. They had him at gunpoint and threatened to shoot but they didn't... » 10/18/14 1:33pm 10/18/14 1:33pm

Trooper Shoots Medical Courier For Seatbelt Violation

In a disturbing trend of unwarranted police violence, a South Carolina officer fired four rounds at a medical courier after tricking him into fumbling for his license and registration. » 9/25/14 3:53pm 9/25/14 3:53pm

(My) Racist Cop Story, In Business Letter Form!

This is my racist cop story. Where I got pulled over because of my mother's expired tags. I was profiled, searched, and had my car locked and plates confiscated. I did not join the long list of minorities being killed or physically harmed by police. But the fact is, are we training police to handle situations… » 9/09/14 10:54am 9/09/14 10:54am

St. Louis police at it again (NSFW or your living room) …..

Looks obviously like Suicide-By-Cop … oh and the person is black. » 8/20/14 10:07pm 8/20/14 10:07pm

Hard wired my radar detector today

easy install. Didn't have to even remove any trim or headliner, just snaked it around. Add a circuit made it simple too. It saved me a ticket today already! It's neat, kinda concealed with a small external mirror mounted display. Awesome for $180, especially since it apparently has the internals of one of the really… » 8/17/14 4:29pm 8/17/14 4:29pm