FAA clears the first 3D printed engine part

The fist-sized piece of silver metal that houses the compressor inlet temperature sensor inside a jet engine is a part that’s bit obscure even for many aviation aficionados. Starting now, however, it’s becoming a symbol of one of the biggest changes sweeping jet engine design.

The housing for the sensor, known as T25,…

» 4/21/15 3:51pm 4/21/15 3:51pm

doc: A 1,000 mile endurance air race (feat. usuals + a DC7!!)

The Mojave 1,000 took place in 1970. This documentary shows camera views as good as GoPro’s, pit stops that count for time as if NASCAR were racing planes, and how it was before regulations looked closer at safety. Once it get’s underway, it’s pretty fantastic! If anything, seeing a DC-7 in unlimited racing style is… » 4/17/15 3:16pm 4/17/15 3:16pm