America's Toughest Hillclimb is Back

Rejoice, ye fans of mad motorsport! In just under two weeks the toughest hill climb in the country will once again kick off to determine who out there is the fastest of the rubber room fugitives, the quickest of the window-licking insane. Over 70 cars are registered to attempt the fastest time up the terrifying… » 6/16/14 11:40am 6/16/14 11:40am

Fast & Furious 7 Comes to America's Mountain

Hollywood is coming to Colorado Springs and Pikes Peak this week. Hollywood is getting ready to give you your next fix of Fast'N'Furious. Installment 7 of the franchise will see the Pikes Peak Highway and the North Slope Recreation Area closed to all visitors on September 5th and 10th according to the City of Colorado… » 9/03/13 12:49pm 9/03/13 12:49pm

Watch Jeff Zwart Climb Pikes Peak In Glorious Soundtrack-Free HD

Jeff Zwart is something of a hero around here. Just check out his Jalopnik tagpage. Specifically, he's gotten quite good at going reasonably quick up a giant fucking hill. He even drove his 911 GT2 RS 1,100 miles to the Peak… and then raced it. Here's this year's bit of rally porn. » 7/10/13 6:40pm 7/10/13 6:40pm

A Celebration of Pikes Peak and its Conquerors

As someone who loves the Pikes Peak race, and who misses the past but is absolutely amazed at Sebastien Loeb's run up the mountain yesterday. I truly believe that there are (at least) three kings of the mountain. Because you cannot directly compare the different eras... Each is different but all are amazing feats to… » 7/01/13 11:53am 7/01/13 11:53am