I Took My Shell Off Today

Because I had to haul a bunch of stuff. And I got to park on the lawn so I could unload the stuff, while I was parked on the lawn I thought I'd take a photo. » 3/27/15 7:28pm Friday 7:28pm

Trainlopnik and Random Pics

Took the boy to Stone Mountain Park for some hiking, climbing and guy time yesterday. Here is one of the park's 1950 vintage Electromotive FP7A diesels approaching a trail crossing. » 3/22/15 11:29am 3/22/15 11:29am

LaFerrari Reveal - Photo Gallery

Our local Ferrari dealership hosted a public reveal for the first and only LaFerrari in the state of Oregon. Enjoy some photos I took of it, as well as some stuff I found in the parking lot. » 3/13/15 5:28pm 3/13/15 5:28pm

Cars and Coffee Portland 3/7/15

By far the biggest turnout to Cars and Coffee ever. Tons of interesting stuff showed up this weekend. Sorry I haven't gotten to posting as much lately, but enjoy! » 3/08/15 4:59pm 3/08/15 4:59pm

I Took Too Many Photos At Luftgekühlt 2

Some days are just better than others, that's how life works. For example, this past Saturday I went to a Ferrari Club of America cruise in at the Petersen Automotive Museum and it was ok. Ferrari's are neat cars that have a rich heritage but they have always felt a bit alien to me. In my experience Ferrari owners… » 3/03/15 10:00am 3/03/15 10:00am

I took a picture with my phone the other day

I think it turned out pretty well, especially considering that it was just a quick snap (I didn't really take any time to position the camera) and this is 100% unedited. Taken with an iPhone 5. » 2/25/15 6:53pm 2/25/15 6:53pm

Latest and greatest photography review!! 

Hello new posters as well as seasoned vets! It appears that I have finally found a moment to put together another review for all things amazing photography. This is a look back at my favorite shots that have been posted throughout the week! » 2/11/15 1:46pm 2/11/15 1:46pm

Going to the local auto show next week

Which means I can play "Large American attempts to get in small cars" and post photos for Oppo to enjoy the hilarity. I will also be using this as a chance to jump back into taking pictures again, it's been a long time since I've been able to. Hopefully I can take a few wallpaper worthy shots. The show is usually… » 2/09/15 1:14pm 2/09/15 1:14pm

Cars and Coffee Portland 1/31/14

You guys are probably all watching the game right now, but here's some C&C photos to enjoy. Huge turnout this week, one of the biggest ever, surprisingly. Also, the first crash at C&C occurred this week with a streetbike leaving the event. Enjoy the Flickr gallery below! » 2/01/15 9:19pm 2/01/15 9:19pm

HEMIWagon PhotoOp

I haven't been able to get out for photos much lately, but I was able to get the creative juices flowing again with this. I do need to check the MFA on my 7D though, it's a little bit off. » 2/01/15 5:46pm 2/01/15 5:46pm

My Upcoming Car Pictures Are About To Become Insufferable

The package from Moscow arrived today with a 16mm Zenitar fisheye and a 50mm Industar 50-2. Expect my car review photos to get a whole lot more insufferable. » 1/31/15 9:50pm 1/31/15 9:50pm

Weekly PHOTOGRAPHY review!! 

Hello LALDers' and thank you for taking a look at my look back at my favorite shots posted this week! I think this may be one of the best weeks so far as there is such a huge variety of shots from everyone! Everything from a classic British Bond-mobile to exaggerated drag Mustangs. This week has it all! Let's get… » 1/29/15 10:54pm 1/29/15 10:54pm

Portland Cars and Coffee - 24 Jan 2015

Good weather equals really good turn-out at Portland Cars and Coffee and Saturday's was no exception. At its peak, there were around 200 cars that stopped by. Still not at 100%, I only stayed for just under two hours. » 1/26/15 11:10am 1/26/15 11:10am

The Silver Arrows live again

Sure these photos might look a bit like a clip from the latest George Lucas Ron Howard flick, but it's still pretty cool to see at least CGI versions of these classics. » 1/22/15 8:58pm 1/22/15 8:58pm

January 25th PHOTOGRAPHY review! Tons of pics!!

Hey guy, it is Wednesday again and time for my look back at some of my favorite shots from the week. All of these shots are creative in different ways from having unique backgrounds to interesting angles of the subject. What they all have in common is fun so be sure to check them all out. Enjoy! » 1/21/15 8:47am 1/21/15 8:47am

PNW BMW Centralia Meet and Drive

Yesterday was the PNW BMW group's semi-annual Centralia, Washington meetup. Two groups of cars from Seattle and Portland drove up to Centralia to one of the club's biggest meets of the winter. » 1/19/15 1:17pm 1/19/15 1:17pm