September 16th PHOTOGRAPHY review!! Many awesome shots!!

To start off this week's review I must say, WOW! It has been crazy busy on the blog with all the new theme days. TONS of great content and fantastic pictures have been posted from many commenters new and regular. Ferra-Fri-day seems to be a HUGE hit! Also, with the new LALD Instagram account we can share the… » 9/17/14 9:33am Wednesday 9:33am

The Brighton Speed Trials are brilliant :)

I've put up a brief post before, but they really do deserve something more in-depth. It's a quarter-mile drag event run by the Brighton and Hove Motor Club since 1905. It's run down Madeira Drive in Brighton, a straight of coast road lined with gorgeous Victorian wrought-ironwork. There was some truly awesome… » 9/08/14 6:53pm 9/08/14 6:53pm

August 3rd PHOTOGRAPHY review!

Hello LALDers and welcome to another installment of the weekly photography review! It has been a very busy week for me so I haven't been able to participate as much as I wanted to. The review is helping me catch up on all the great posts from the week so I hope that it does the same for you! Now, onto all that is… » 9/03/14 10:53am 9/03/14 10:53am