November 12th PHOTOGRAPHY REVIEW!! New member spotlight!!!!

Hello everybody and welcome to another installment of the Wednesday photography review! The blog has been busy lately with a ton of fantastic content from ton of people. One thing you have likely noticed is the large increase in new members on here and the exciting things they have been posting. I know I have noticed… » 11/12/14 1:53pm 11/12/14 1:53pm


WOW, what a week it has been on the blog! All of you newer members have been posting some really great stuff which has really aided in taking this place to the next level. The large amount of note-worthy posts has been hard to keep up with but I am doing my best and having a blast! This week I am going to really try… » 11/05/14 1:55pm 11/05/14 1:55pm

In Photos: Audi A3 Sportback e-tron at Quattrofest 2014

Back in the first half of 2012, Audi produced a small number of A3 e-tron concept cars that were plug-in electric cars based on the 2nd generation A3 Sportback. Although it proved that an A3 EV would be feasible, Audi decided that an extended-range plug-in hybrid would be the best route to go down. With that, the A3… » 11/04/14 11:05am 11/04/14 11:05am

I Sent Some of My Photos to My Uncle

I posted this a few minutes ago and shared it here, but not in a way that I wanted. So in an attempt to share it correctly I accidentally deleted it, whoops. So here it is, Im sharing it to Oppo because most of the photos I sent were car related, and My uncle is not a car guy (even though he prefers to drive a stick).… » 10/28/14 7:48pm 10/28/14 7:48pm