Where can I get some basic photo postprocessing advice?

So here's the problem: I have no expertise in editing what so ever. And currently, editing is everything. There are people out there who do crazy stuff in Photoshop, and I think they sometimes really cross the border between photography and CGI. (Damn, I wanted to write something on that matter but totally forgot.) » 4/24/14 9:16am Today 9:16am

Live and let die-cast introduction (PLEASE READ)

Hello fellow diecast addicts and welcome to the greatest happening of happenings since happen happened! This is Live and let die-cast and is the newest go-to place for all things in the diecast world. Since the Hot Wheels Exchange kicked off months back we have seen an explosion in diecast related posts along with the… » 4/16/14 2:26pm 4/16/14 2:26pm

Sun and Cars at Portland Cars and Coffee - 23 March 2014

The skies were blue, the sun was out and there was a huge turnout at Portland Cars and Coffee on Saturday. There were also a huge variety of cars that came out, including classic American iron, a Phantom Drophead coupe, a 911 GT3 RS and a GT2, a Ford GT40 kit car, a Ferrari F12berlinetta, an Unimog... I could go on,… » 3/24/14 10:44am 3/24/14 10:44am