Why the Peugeot RCZ is all the sports car you need for city driving

We've been sitting in stationary traffic in London's West End for a while, with no sign of it letting up, but there's a smile on my face. Ensconced in the fairly basic, but pretty, leather clad interior of the Peugeot RCZ all is well in my world. Ford Transit drivers smile benignly at the squat burgundy coupe. Cycle… » 11/19/14 6:59pm 11/19/14 6:59pm

Highlight of today? 9 Minutes of non-stop Group B hoonage...

The end of the car show season is upon us here in the UK and one of the last shows near me is the rather pretentiously titles "Footman James Sywell Classic" or, colloquially, "Pistons and Props". Cunningly combining eclectic car show with aerobatic displays (including Iron Maiden frontman Bruce Dickinson in the World… » 9/28/14 4:47pm 9/28/14 4:47pm