2014 BMW M235i: The Oppositelock Review

There's something special about finding the perfect recipe. A turbocharged straight-six engine, with rear-wheel-drive and a near-perfect weight distribution is definitely a good place to start. With that cliché done, I can tell you that the BMW M235i is a five-star meal. This is certainly an evolution of what you love. » 8/30/14 10:30pm Saturday 10:30pm

A Night at the Races- Eagle Raceway Dirt Oval

Last night, my family and I headed down to the little town of Eagle, NE to watch some good old fashioned dirt track racing. If you choose your racing based on the pace and the paint-swapping, dirt racing is like hockey: constant action and a fair amount of violence. Almost every video I took involved some sort of… » 8/25/14 12:05pm 8/25/14 12:05pm