Oppo Game time! $500 Craiglist/Kijiji running vehicle search

Find the best, RUNNING, car you can find on your local Craigslist or Kijiji for $500 bucks or less! Winner gets a heartfelt Lumpy44 compliment! » 3/10/14 6:52pm 3/10/14 6:52pm

GT5 Party!

In about 2 hours! I will open the room in an hour and a half. RSVP in the comments please. Also, thoughts on by Z06 pic? My PSN is TheLOUDMUSIC. Bring a Mic! » 11/23/13 6:52pm 11/23/13 6:52pm

ATTN- Oppo GT5 party in 30 minutes

So, come join the fun! Bring a Bluetooth headset and be a part of the conversation- if not, you can plug a USB keyboard into your PS3. My PSN is TheLOUDMUSIC. Will post room ID number when event starts » 11/16/13 10:30pm 11/16/13 10:30pm

Oppo GT5 party reminder! Charge your mics and controllers, because we are celebrating the last good times on GT5 online before GT6 releases, tomorrow night. Look for my post on oppo at 10:30EST Saturday, for details. Please post your PSN in the comments if you plan to participate so I can send you a friend request… » 11/15/13 7:19pm 11/15/13 7:19pm

Share your dream realistic two-car garage

I'll define realistic as something you can actually afford to pull off within three years. Yes, you can imaginary-sell your current car(s) to raise funds. You've gotta pay for everything though. » 9/16/13 10:32pm 9/16/13 10:32pm