NPoCP: 06 Audi A6

So in my quest to find the perfect baby vehicle I found this. It's an 06 with 60 thousand miles on the clock for 14k. The exterior looks pretty straight from the photos. Interior is black leather and while showing some wear doesn't look bad at all » 11/23/14 7:25pm 11/23/14 7:25pm

eBay find: 1 Owner 1994 Buick Skylark Coupe - $4,295 [NCoCP]

I'll be honest with you guys...I'm actually quite fond of the looks of the last gen Skylark, my second favorite 1990's Buick, after the Roadmaster. » 4/30/14 11:07am 4/30/14 11:07am

Found On Ebay: George Barris Hard Hat Hauler

Ok, whenever I get bored I usually dive into the "Internet", and by this I mean Ebay, Craigslist, Wikipedia, YouTube and of course our favorite blogs. Today's journey lead me to this, evidently a George Barris creation known as "The Hard Hat Hauler."

If you are not familiar with name George Barris, his company Barris… » 1/17/14 8:29pm 1/17/14 8:29pm

NPOCP: Si you at lake Tahoe...

Terrible title, but this is my buddy's listing. As he said to me after posting it, he has surprisingly few photos of his vehicles, so don't shoot the messenger. The Civic's fenders are beat up and the Tahoe is starting to get some body rot, but on the whole they're fairly clean. The Civic is his DD and as far as I'm… » 11/16/13 7:46pm 11/16/13 7:46pm

Cool Plymouth Hot Rod (NOT a SBC!!!!)

This thing looks great and it does NOT have a Small Block Chevy. They stuck to it's roots and used a small block Plymouth motor, a 340 in fact. They also added dual quads to it so I'm sure it's running fast as hell. » 9/18/13 2:30pm 9/18/13 2:30pm

npocp, NASA Edition

Hey Jalops! Got an empty garage bay you just need to fill? A really big garage bay?
Maybe a friend needs you to help move... his house.
Maybe your friend Jay with the awesome car collection needs just one more ride.
Well, you're in luck! NASA is selling off their shuttle launch platforms!
» 8/21/13 11:09am 8/21/13 11:09am

NPOCP: World's Cleanest Iron Mask edition

Even though it's not in the preferred red/black two-tone, and even though it doesn't have the full novel of text other RS-Turbos had, this is probably the perfect R30 if you needed one for a museum. These are not particularly rare, but were the hottest Skyline of the early 80s and as such the vast majority of them… » 2/24/13 4:18pm 2/24/13 4:18pm