Oversteer All The Things: Rallycrossing A Super Beetle

You can tell it's going to be a cold winter here in Nebraska. The wind is thick with it, sweeping across the cornfields. It all matches pace with the dotted white clouds, running way out to the horizon line. And I'm sitting in a stripped and caged Super Beetle, two carburetors about to roar away behind me. » 10/04/14 10:55pm 10/04/14 10:55pm

What's Messed Up With Sports and Why America Can Spearhead a Change.

This is not a well researched article. I will probably be wrong at several points because this is all a strong generalization. But it's a a heart felt generalization, so bear with me. It'll probably not make the front page. But I have to empty my mind or I won't be able to wake up for my 8am practice. I wrote this on… » 7/07/14 11:37pm 7/07/14 11:37pm

Desert Racing Video Overload From The 2014 San Felipe 250

Not every spectator at the San Felipe 250 was senselessly risking their lives for Facebook fame, some actually grabbed some great footage of the race. Here are some of the best short videos of trucks and buggies bombing over bumps at SCORE International's most recent desert race. » 3/06/14 11:38am 3/06/14 11:38am

Murphy's Law Is Wrong: Managing Safety in Motorsports

I had the privilege to, for likely the only time in my life, communicate with triple world champion Sir Jackie Stewart. Few men, if any, have been greater or more effective advocates for safety in Formula 1. Being a transportation safety professional, I was eager to ask him about F1's current safety programs. I have… » 11/08/13 9:58am 11/08/13 9:58am