The Hills Are Alive with The Sound of Turbo Chirping

The "0" car had left quite a while ago, the people on the bridge were waiting eagerly. A small silhouette appeared beneath the ice-capped top of the mountain, followed by an angry grunt. It was a Citroen and it was approaching fast. "C'est Loeb!" shouted someone with a better eyesight. The King was coming through… » 1/28/15 1:22pm 1/28/15 1:22pm

セナ・ザ・ヘッジホッグ aka Why on Earth Not Racing Drivers Design Tracks?

When you are a legend in the making - such as Ayrton Senna - powered by a Japanese company - i.e. Honda - and a Japanese entertainment company - SEGA, that is - wants to exploit your ventures, why wouldn't you want a say in it? Like designing your own race tracks.Screw Gran Turismo, screw Hermann Tilke. You need a… » 4/24/14 6:04pm 4/24/14 6:04pm

Rally Monte Carlo Update 1: Kubica surprises the whole Paddock. WP1-WP3

Robert Kubica showed everyone why everyone is keeping an eye on his progress in WRC. The rally started in typical manner: It was dark, there was snowfall, and nobody knew where the road would be dry and where it's slippery.

Kubica - just like everyone on slick tires - was 20 seconds faster than World Champion Sebastien… » 1/16/14 4:40am 1/16/14 4:40am