Some People Still Think The 1600hp White-Gold SLR Isn't Bullshit

Every now and again on social media and desperately poor blogs, a post will pop up reporting on a "White Gold SLR" with a quad-turbo V10 developing 1600 horsepower and 2800NM (2065lb/ft) when running on biofuel, a sub-2.0s 0-60mph time and a standing quarter time of 6.89 seconds. It's been a long time since I've seen… » 6/04/14 10:57am 6/04/14 10:57am

Mclaren 650S Onboard Lap at Monticello Raceway

As promised, here is the onboard lap of the Mclaren 650S! They wouldn't drift it unfortunately, but it was quite the experience. There is a significant difference between the car being in comfort, sport or track modes. The suspension really is the best part of the car, as the rest of the car is, dare I say it, a… » 5/22/14 10:12am 5/22/14 10:12am