I Want This. (Warning - SLR Content, NSFW)

I’ve been on a major SLR kick lately, seeing as they are some of the most un-appreciated cars ever built it seems. This has to be the most striking one I’ve ever seen. Needs the 722 headlights, taillights, and front CF splitter, some coilovers, and maybe some HREs. And some Renntech exhaust (-100 pounds and +40 hp).… » 4/17/15 11:33pm Friday 11:33pm

How To Make Friends At The New York International Auto Show

Auto shows might seem like all fun and games to most of you but for me it’s quite the opposite. I have to run around to all these different manufacturers, take pictures of their cars, get in and out of them, tell their product managers how much I really dig the new look of ____ interior. It’s exhausting having the… » 4/03/15 11:30am 4/03/15 11:30am

New York International Auto Show Day One: #Blessed To Be At #NYIAS

When I was just a wee lad growing up in the green mountains of Vermont there was a car show that took place every June just 20 minutes from home. It was a pretty good size show and featured everything from a Model T to a hot rodded hearse. Even then I felt very lucky to have been exposed to what I thought was a very… » 4/02/15 10:00am 4/02/15 10:00am

Why Are Automakers Making Supercars Into Cartoons?

Not necessarily "cartoons," but the lines and perceived animation of some new supercars are becoming less sensual and seductive. They've turned to more electric lines carrying more childlike angry or excited faces.

Take the R8 for example. Upon first release, the car was about smooth, yet fast lines; a serious, yet… » 3/31/15 1:00pm 3/31/15 1:00pm

RLPOCP? (Ridiculously Low Price) McLaren MP4-12C

This 2012 McLaren MP4-12C originally stickered at $273, 765. It has 24k miles. So how much for this "super car" (as some might call it)? $140k. Still not exactly cheap, right? It is available on eBay and the current bid is at $88k. Are we seeing the original "mass market" McLaren crater in value? If this car sells for… » 3/31/15 9:49am 3/31/15 9:49am