Grandma Might Be Getting a 2015 Subaru legacy 3.6R Limited

Grandma is thinking about getting rid of her 2009 Hyundai Genesis sedan since it is having a few "bugs" and shes weird like that. So she wants a fully loaded midsize sedan thats around $30,000. Also being up in NJ, she wants AWD now. So I figured this was perfect. It has EVERYTHING in it! We will also look at the… » 7/20/14 9:40pm 7/20/14 9:40pm

Washed and waxed and even cleaned the door jambs.

Yesterday, the high temperature was only 75 degrees and my unemployed self got bored, so I decided to go OCD on my car, which wasn't even that dirty in the first place. Washed with Zymol car soap, waxed with Zymol cleaner wax. My paint shines okay, but it is in awful shape. :( Swirl marks and fine scratches… » 7/16/14 2:37pm 7/16/14 2:37pm