Remembering the 1990's Car Culture Pt. 1/11

I wasn't alive in the 1980's (well, that's a lie. I lived a very vibrant and fun filled 9 months in 1989), but amazingly, I remember the early 1990's, and the cars that went with it, very well, as somehow, my memory became quite strong at an early age. That means that thinking back, I can remember quite clearly, 1991,… » 3/23/14 2:49pm 3/23/14 2:49pm

James Garner was a spokesperson for Mazda in the 80s

Rockford ditching the trusty old Firebird for a rotary-powered import? It happened, guys. He was featured in several FC RX-7 commercials as well as ones for many other, more ordinary cars. There were no "Rockford turns" done in the cars, unfortunately. It's also too bad he left a year prior to the year of Miata… » 3/03/14 11:00pm 3/03/14 11:00pm