Who Knew Maths Could Be NSFW

» 9/30/14 5:15pm 9/30/14 5:15pm

Dear Oppo: Help with Mass Airflow modifications please

Alright, so I haven't posted much about this, but I am dyscalculate. This is a learning disability where I have a huge problem with numbers and math. It is very roughly equivalent to dyslexia, only in broad strokes since math is everywhere blah blah high school teachers were right. » 9/28/14 2:05pm 9/28/14 2:05pm

Thought I'd Share.

I get bored in my various mathematical lectures, so I have taken up sketching out some interesting automobiles. Ignore the Instagram aftereffects; I may have gotten a bit carried away. Here they are in chronological order: » 4/25/13 9:44pm 4/25/13 9:44pm