Pikes Peak Speed Week: The Airstrip Attack

The Pikes International Hill Climb has created a cottage industry in Colorado Springs, Colorado at the base of "America's Peak." The week leading up to the race has become "Speed Week" for the city and this year a new event has come to town: The Pikes Peak Airstrip Attack. The Pikes Peak Airstrip Attack is a half-mile… » 6/27/14 6:39pm 6/27/14 6:39pm

Oppo, Meet My New 1998 E36 M3 Sedan!

So as many of you know, I sold Hans about three weeks ago now. That left me without a car, and sent me on a mad scramble for something new. I tried on everything from a modded Audi TT to a Hawkeye WRX Wagon, and nothing really fit me until a friend of the family stumbled upon this Boston Green Metallic E36 on the… » 6/12/14 7:50pm 6/12/14 7:50pm