My Current Obsession: Lamborghini Huracan, but is it a true Lambo?

After watching a few videos after it's first public unveiling at Geneva, a few weeks ago, I became a Lamborghini Huracan fanatic. I mean look at it. It's design is undeniably Lamborghini: a uninterrupted, curved line from front to back with hexagonal shaped styling all over. As far as power and drivetrain go it shares… » 3/15/14 12:50am 3/15/14 12:50am

The Egoista is Lamborghini's Return to Basics

When Lamborghini unveiled its 50th birthday present to itself, the car world not-so-quietly wondered if the make had lost its mind in its old age. The Egoista is a carbon-fibered, V-10 engined homage to jet fighters. It is certainly insane. It is certainly fast. And it is the perfect car to help fix Lamborghini’s… » 3/14/14 12:52pm 3/14/14 12:52pm