Watched Hammond's Huracan Review...

I think he was spot on with almost everything he said. It is kinda like Lamborghini's Boxtser/Cayman/944 ect(but not really). Sure, it's another awesome Lamborghini masterpiece, but it's a Lamborghini to sell high volume(whatever that means for them), so they can make money; every car manufacturer needs a car or cars… » 1/27/15 12:59pm 1/27/15 12:59pm

Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn's Reddit IAmA Appears Staged and Fake

Yesterday, Carlos Ghosn, CEO of Nissan and Renault, took to Reddit to discuss some new information he would like to share with the internet community. He titled the IAmA as "I'm the CEO of Renault and Nissan and we're making autonomous driving vehicles happen by 2020. Ask me anything!" » 1/13/15 4:41pm 1/13/15 4:41pm

Cars & Coffee Dallas // January 3rd 2015

I really thought this would be it... This would be the first canceled (or should I type postponed) cars and coffee event in the 10 months I have gone. Rain was coming down all week, it was cold, roads were wet... and earlier that week the State of Texas started using road salt for the first time in... well... ever.… » 1/10/15 9:56am 1/10/15 9:56am

Spotted 2 Newly Released Sports Cars In The Philippines

Last Sunday, my friend and I went car spotting (Like we always do) because we heard of a car meet at BGC. As we arrived at the meet, we were swarmed with quite a few cars including some Porsches and Ferraris, but moments later, our mouths dropped as we were shocked when this passed by: The new Lamborghini Huracan!… » 11/25/14 10:30am 11/25/14 10:30am