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Formula 1:Day Four testing Bahrain

Good morning once again ladies and gentlemen. Today ends the first testing session in Bahrain. After this the teams have a quick couple day break to go over all the data and information they have collected thus far and try and apply that new knowledge to either fixing the car, per RedBull and all of the Renault's, or… » 2/22/14 7:13am 2/22/14 7:13am

Formula 1:Day Three testing Bahrain

Good Morning ladies and gentlemen. So today starts off the third day of practice in Bahrain. Up today we will see everyone's favorite Finn, Kimi Raikkonen. Maybe he will spin his new Ferrari, maybe he won't. We will have to see. One story I will be following closely is will the other McLaren driver, Mr. Jenson Button,… » 2/21/14 6:09am 2/21/14 6:09am

Kimi Räikkönen Tries LaFerrari, Spins, Carries On

Expert YouTube car pornographer Marchettino set up camp at his usual gap in the fence at Pista di Fiorano in time to see 2007 F1 champ Kimi Räikkönen try out TheFerrari for possibly the first time. After a few laps, the Iceman tries heating things up a bit, but overcooks it coming out of the hairpin and ends up… » 2/19/14 8:48am 2/19/14 8:48am