Rental Car Road Test: Citroën DS3 1.6 e-HDI 115 Airdream DSport

Yesterday was a good day. Just like last year, the Uni's karting team is running an event each term for students, and the first one was yesterday, once again at the Llandow Circuit, which is near Llandow in South Wales. Because none of us dare keep our cars in Swansea, we decided it would be best to rent something,… » 10/11/13 4:15pm 10/11/13 4:15pm

What's The Meanest Car With Four (Or Five) Doors?

Chris Harris tackling the Alpina B3 turbo got me thinking of all the super sedans we've tested recently. From the feline and expensive 2014 Aston Martin Rapide S to the winged and exclusive Jaguar XFR-S, if it has four doors (or five in the case of the CTS-V wagon and Audi RS7) we'e probably driven it. But which is… » 8/29/13 3:16pm 8/29/13 3:16pm

2013 Fiat 500 Abarth Cabrio: The Jalopnik Review

It is possible to drive the Fiat 500 Abarth Cabrio like a normal, sensible person. It is possible to shift gears at a rational 2,500 RPMs so you can avoid blasting pedestrians with its obscenely loud baby Ferrari exhaust like you're Maverick buzzing the tower in Top Gun. » 8/15/13 1:36pm 8/15/13 1:36pm

The Fiat 500L Review Makes My Head Hurt

Maybe I just have different taste in vehicles, and maybe I just don't understand the Jalopnik Reviews scoring system, but that Fiat 500L review seems completely unhinged from reality. I will admit that I haven't seen the car in person, and I haven't driven it, but from the pictures and the specs of the car I am about… » 6/17/13 5:36pm 6/17/13 5:36pm

1967 BMW 1602: The Jalopnik Classic Review

If you ever come across the opportunity to drive one of BMW's Neue Klasse (New Class) cars, you need to seize it. Even 50 years after they first debuted they're just as good as you've heard, if not better. » 5/21/13 10:24am 5/21/13 10:24am