Mercedes Is Making A Jalop-Edition C-Class!

Hey, remember that Jalopnik-Edition BMW 320i? A model conceived for people who thought new BMW's cost a lot more than they used to (they didn't), and wanted a more affordable entry into the BMW brand (but didn't want a 2-series for some reason). The result was a de-tuned 2.0 320i that you could get with almost no… » 4/04/15 10:43am 4/04/15 10:43am

Jalopnik Announces 1 Simple Fix to Dramatically Increase Fuel Economy

[Manhattan, New York] Just outside the media hospitality room at the New York International Auto Show, an eager automotive press corp scribbled with hushed tones as Matthew Hardigree, Editor-In-Chief of automotive listicle platform Jalopnik, announced their first foray into consumer electronics. » 4/01/15 1:09pm 4/01/15 1:09pm

5 Websites You Should Be Acquainted With As A Project Car Owner

As a project car owner, there are certain websites I wish I could stay away from, but always end up frequenting, no matter what I do. Whether I'm researching DIY guides, ordering parts for preventative maintenance, or reading about other people's stories of misfortune, you can probably find me wasting my life away or… » 3/26/15 6:18pm 3/26/15 6:18pm

Hello, Oppo! And an Oppology. 

Opposite lock. Mmmmmm. OPPOSITE... LOCK. What a good name. What a great feeling to say such a wonderful word. The consonants are nice and hard at the end (all plays bared in mind) and the feeling is just right. This fertile space is filled with the minds of a once comment-only car enthusiast blog and tonight the… » 3/19/15 8:54pm 3/19/15 8:54pm