Crappy Cars & Illogical Decisions

My car is the antithesis of a Jalopnik reader's car. It is big, it is slow, it is front wheel drive, and it is an automatic. The interior is full of fake wood and hard plastic, and it's not even brown or a diesel. It's the base trim of the model range, and the sporting version, the "good" version, was voted the worst car … » 1/05/14 11:50am 1/05/14 11:50am

An Unexpected Family Reunion

My new (well, new to me) 2002 Chevrolet Impala LS needed to have her windshield replaced: it wasn't cracked, but years of highway driving by the previous owner had sandblasted the thing. It was covered in tiny scratches, and when hit directly by light - like other headlights, rising/setting sun, the photons would be… » 8/07/13 12:28pm 8/07/13 12:28pm