Restoration Prospect 2: Falcon couple

Well, the second falcon group is actually a great buy. For a grand, I could get a four door sled that runs, and a two door that could be fixed up. However, I would most likely need to assess, and sell off parts from most likely the coupe, or sell it for about 500 dollars. That being said, I could have a 500 dollar… » 5/18/14 10:00am 5/18/14 10:00am

How to save audi's brilliant 5 cylinder engine (and VAG's V10's for…

The engine you see right there is the 2.5R5 20v TFSI. In TT RS form, it makes 355 HP and 342 lbt-ft of torque (from 1500 to 5300 RPM no less!). It's also an a incline-5, a type of engine that, when turbocharged, makes around the same power as a V6 but for some reason is dying off. » 2/18/13 10:15am 2/18/13 10:15am