Is the R26.R a unicorn?

I'm seriously afraid so. Portuguese, English and German sites show exactly none for sale, and only a few regular R26s. Has any of the Euro Oppos ever seen one for sale? And IRL? I saw an R26 once but it had French plates. » 9/18/14 7:09am 9/18/14 7:09am

Long Lost Hot Hatches - Citroen Visa Mille Pistes

Say 'Group B' to any rally fan and you'll probably see their eyes light up thinking about flame spitting monsters of the forest endowed with far more power than was ever sensible. Citroen saw a problem however, how do you introduce someone to this in a slightly saner environment? Their answer was the four wheel drive… » 5/13/14 3:35pm 5/13/14 3:35pm

If You Want "Affordable Performance," Sometimes it Pays to Wait

Since most of us don't have the cash for a 911 Turbo or a Jag F-type, we are big fans of hot-hatches and sport-compacts that fit within our modest budget. However, when these pocket-rockets first hit the market, often the law of supply and demand is not in our favor. The Focus ST, BRZ, and FRS, just to name a few,… » 4/25/14 10:50am 4/25/14 10:50am

Long Lost Hot Hatches - Renault 11 Turbo

Some of you may recognise this week's car under a different name, the Renault Encore, the hatchback version of Car and Driver & Motor Trend's car of the year for 1983 the Renault Alliance. Others may have spotted a very similar looking taxi being ripped apart in the Bond film 'A View To A Kill'. I however see Jean… » 4/14/14 5:51pm 4/14/14 5:51pm

Commercial Break - Nova vs Builders

This ad for the Nova GTE was aired in the late 80's as part of Vauxhall's 'Once Driven, Forever Smitten' campaign. The Nova had been released in 1983 but it wasn't until '88 that a truly hot version was produced. Spurred on by the success of the lukewarm SR, a 100 hp 1.6 litre engine was dropped into the little… » 4/03/14 10:00am 4/03/14 10:00am

Jonny's Best of Europe: Suzuki Swift Sport

Ahhhh! Curveball! Caught you out on this one didn't I! Best of Europe with a Japanese manufacturer? OK, so you might think I'm cheating a little bit here, but 'Best of Europe' for me covers anything made here, or sold here but not sold in the USA. The Swift Sport is the latter of those two, and let me tell you; for… » 3/10/14 9:15am 3/10/14 9:15am

A 2013 Skoda Fabia vRS as reviewed by a guy who owned one

If any of you saw me commenting when I first joined this glorious website just the other day, you'd have noticed that I am a Skoda owner and I currently own the new Octavia vRS. Well, the car I owned before was this little pocket rocket above us, The Skoda Fabia vRS. Essentially, this is a VW Polo GTI underneath it's… » 2/23/14 11:41am 2/23/14 11:41am

OEM Graphics Saturday - French Hot Hatches

They may not be '70s psychedelic typefaces or cartoon characters, but French hot hatches have had their fair share of OEM graphics on them too, like Renaultsport's exploding chequered flag motif. » 9/28/13 12:15pm 9/28/13 12:15pm

2013 Peugeot 208 GTI review

In 1986 Peugeot launched a more powerful version of the 205 GTI with a 1.9 engine and 130bhp. It was a pretty and competitive rival to the Golf GTI and Nova GTE and one of the sweetest handling hot hatches of all time. Since the 205 was dropped in 1993, Peugeot have lost their hot hatch mojo, so fast forward 2… » 9/25/13 12:36pm 9/25/13 12:36pm

Vauxhall Astra VXR vs Subaru BRZ - shoot out

I've spent a few days and driven a good few miles with each of the Vauxhall Astra VXR hot hatch and the Subaru BRZ coupe. It's time for a face-off. It's time for Astra vs BRZ. » 9/24/13 8:57am 9/24/13 8:57am

This is the VW Golf R and it's faster than a Porsche Cayman S

Volkswagen have released first details of the new Golf R. Compared to the damp squib that was the Golf R Cabriolet the hatchback Golf R looks set to be worthy of the R designation. » 8/20/13 11:05am 8/20/13 11:05am